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Our Story

Mr. Vinay Maloo, from Assam himself, is a chai lover. Growing up near the tea estates in Upper Assam instilled the value of the tradition that he hold for the Chai and how one is supposed to drink it. After understanding the knick and knack of the business, he was then inspired to have found the “Kullhad Chai” to bring the exquisite taste of Assam to the urban cities.

Not only the tea leaves but the Kullhad also adds too much to the flavor of the cup of tea. Keeping this in mind he started this boutique to add ancient old flavors to the new world to keep the traditional taste alive.

Today, we can proudly say that we are the only Indian-origin tea boutique that focuses on quality, cost-effective tea-based beverages and are well known for our distinctive teas served in Kullhads accompanied by tasty assortments. The teas we use are of best grade which are free of artificial colors and flavors 100%. Offering you not just TASTE BUT SOUND HEALTH! We source Assam blend teas' for the flavor it offers.

Kullhad is a traditional handle-less clay cup. The tea is soaked into the cup and takes on an earthy flavor. That’s why the motto of Kullhad Chai is “Mitti Ki Sondhi Sondhi Khushboo”! We procure these kullhads exclusively from West Bengal where the craft of making these earthen pots is still alive and has not been replaced by factory-made pots that have filled the market.

The mesmerizing taste of tea in Kullhad can surely satisfy you to the core.

Garden to Kullhad, Kullhad to your LIPS!

Chai Shops Near Me